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Make gaming avatars with AI, inspired by video games.

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HeroPack is a profile picture generator that uses your pictures to generate avatars inspired by video games, perfect for gaming profiles on discord, twitch & twitter. Here's the styles you're able to choose from.

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AI generated art produces random results based on model input. Your results may vary.

Battle Royale
Pixel Soldier
Arcade Fighter
90s Cover
Comic Shooter
Soft Shooter
Space Shooter
Urban Warfare
Demonic Warfare
Pixel Fighter
Pixel Portrait
Retro Wave
Low Poly
Vampire Illustration
8-Bit Medieval
Golden Fantasy
Anime Fantasy
90s RPG
Sul Sul
Dramatic Soldier
Space Soldier
Space Strategy
Fantasy Knight
Space Marine
Green Strategy Soldier
Red Strategy Soldier
Red General
19th Century General
Space Pilot
32-Bit portrait
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How it works

Creating your HeroPacks is easy. Upload photos, choose the styles you want and then we'll train a deep learning generation model based on your photos to generate your gaming avatars. It usually takes around 24 hours from your purchase to when you'll recieve your HeroPack (based on current waiting times).

  • An illustration of a stack of images


    10-20 photos of yourself or someone you know

  • An illustration of a wrapped package

    Choose Styles

    Select up to 14 styles for your HeroPack

  • An illustration of a computer chip

    AI Magic

    We'll train the model and generate your avatars

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    Receive your HeroPack with 100+ avatars

ai best results

Generating art with artificial intelligence produces random results. We thoroughly design and test our prompts on various models to create the best looking stylized avatars possible. Not every generated avatar will be useful to you— which is why our packs are designed to generate 100+ results across various styles. One way to improve your results is to carefully follow our guidelines when uploading the images we'll train the model on. Following these rules will greatly enhance your generated HeroPacks.

Upload Requirements

  • An illustration of a picture capturing a person close up

    10 Close Ups

    Photos of your face (including shoulders).

  • An illustration of a picture capturing a person from the chest and up

    5 Medium Shots

    Photos from the chest up.

  • An illustration of a picture capturing the full body of the person

    3 Full Body Shots

    Photos of all of you.


  • ✅ Photos from different angles
  • ✅ Photos with different expressions
  • ✅ Photos with different lighting, location and time of day
  • ✅ Photos with different poses, looking at the camera & looking away
  • ❌ Avoid similar photos, expressions & angles
  • ❌ No other people in the photos
  • ❌ No sunglasses, airpods and hats
  • ❌ No nudes
  • ❌ No Kids (ONLY 18+ ADULTS)


The Photos you upload are only used to train your model to generate your avatars. For your safety and privacy we'll auto delete the photos you upload withing 24 hours. The model trained on your images and your AI generated renders will be kept for 30 days for your convenience.